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Without prior knowledge? The sites this is being sent to are fully licensed to handle the waste they're being shipped. They signed up to receive this stuff, and in order for it to be shipped, someone at the site needed to give them an affirmative. The TCEQ had to approve the application to be a hazardous waste disposal site. These are private companies being paid to perform a service. All waste shipments should be following all EPA RCRA and OSHA HAZWOPER requirements.

Any arguments from people that say this stuff is being sent surely don't want the government to step in and interfere with a capitalist enterprise, right?


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I don't feel much of anything for them. They jumped the shark a long time ago, and I am much happier just not reacting emotionally to any of them anymore. It is so much easier to just cut them off and invest my time in relationships that aren't toxic. Wife, kid, friends...I prefer to invest in people that share my values and aren't completely morally vapid.


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I was constantly bullied by the Evangelical Southern Baptists I went to high school with in South Carolina. I harbor a great deal of resentment, but I have never made threats of violence against anybody that is directly or tangentially associated with the Church.

I'm sorry he was bullied, but he can fuck right off with that bullshit victim mentality.