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This is exactly why I avoid certain neighborhoods like the plague when I do my food deliveries. Granted, I'm on a bicycle not in a car but still I just don't have time for drama.

Sorry that happened to you and thanks for being so transparent about what happened. A lot of times things happen and we don't get information that could be useful to help someone avoid the same thing as best as they can.


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This is text communication so sometimes things that are intended don't come across as intended. Happens to me all the time.

Also, to be honest I would have assumed that the bikes were stolen as well and I think that's a reasonable assumption to make as well. Doesn't have to be a matter of race at all, in this case though all of the young men I've seen doing this whether here in Baltimore or in DC are black.

Needless to say that if they were white or hispanic the issue would still be the same.


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Thanks to the absolutely wonderful Mr's Mosby and company the police are not to interfere with their activities. All they can do is watch and monitor them like they do every week at Pratt Street.

By now where they congregate is very well known.


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I am going to say it again hopefully those in the back can hear me. I honestly think that this issue is being made sensitive in a way that's unnecessary.

There young men are:

  1. Riding illegal vehicles in the city of Baltimore.
  2. Not wearing helmets while riding on electric vehicles.
  3. Deliberately causing mayhem everywhere they go.

feel free add any more things you can come up with.

It's clear by any one that's experienced them that they DON"T merely have a love for dirt bikes, what they want is ATTENTION and they don't care about their own personal safety or that of other people.

I repeat, this isn't a situation where providing a place to safely pursue their sport is a wise choice at all. I truly wish that people who comment on them needing a safe place to ride their bikes would stop being so naive. I get that they have the best of intentions and all but it's just not based on reality. Even if you did build such a track, they would have to get their bikes there and back home. This is different from something like a skateboard or roller skates which you can just bring on the bus or in a car.

What I do believe is that the Department of Recreation and Parks, (like so many other departments in this city) needs to be thoroughly investigated by someone who is actually trustworthy. We need more rec centers, swimming pools, community gardens, etc. Places for young people to go and not be bored half to death.


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It's not racist to call out people who are deliberately being obnoxious, not in the least. It doesn't matter if they are black, white, polkadot or whatever. Dumb is dumb and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

I get so sick to death of people throwing out the word "racist" in an effort to take away someone's credibility just because they are of a different race than the folks doing dumb stuff. I know personally I will call stuff out regardless of what color someone is because again wrong is wrong.

Unfortunately there is so much division in this country either they have the mentality that black people can do no wrong, or they feel that all of us are a problem. There simply isn't any nuance no middle ground at all. Like somehow we can't help but do things to piss everyone else off and that's just not true. Just because something is a part of local culture, doesn't mean that you just accept the negative aspects of it or condone the actions of the people doing it.