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There was literally a shooting outside a night club in Bridgeport last month. In college my friends houses got broken into all the time, and they are ranked 3rd in the state for violent crime per population size in the state.


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Don’t worry I’m sure that guy’s baseball bat will work great against an armed crack head.

Guns ain’t drugs?! Drugs are the number one reason why criminals kill, to get more of/protect their drugs.

So let me get this straight this guys arguments are “criminals will always be able to get guns, so let’s disarm citizens, because helping the mentally ill is too complex.” And “At least that mentality ill Person won’t kill as many people”

That last one is the most smooth brained shit I hear all the time.

How about figuring out ways to help mentally Ill people so they don’t wanna kill anyone?!?

Okay you ban guns, what is stopping that mentally ill person that wants to kill as many people as possible from building a bomb or running over a crowd of people with their car?

You have to commit a crime to get a gun if you’re not suppose to have one, whether it be buying a stolen one off the street or lying on the background check about your mental health history. I’ll say it again banning guns won’t just make criminals and ill people disappear, you need to help them at the source of their frustration but that’s a harder issue no one wants to address…

There are Europeans countries with more relaxed gun laws then American, and they don’t all wanna shoot up schools or commit drive bys law abiding citizens in Switzerland can buy and own brand new fully automatic machine guns.

There’s a reason why the major American cities with the strictest gun laws still have the HIGHEST murder rate.


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Those annoying solar panels ads don’t sound so annoying anymore.

Neighbor of mine got panels a few years ago, they don’t pay UI anymore UI pays them.

I don’t think it’s a lot but I’d rather receive 30-50 bucks from UI rather then pay them 400 dollars