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The product bias is definitely present here. I had posted my two pairs of RSQ (Tilly’s brand) jeans I’ve had for 7 years now that have withstood almost weekly washes and near daily wear.

I got downvoted because it’s “a cheap brand” and “not real jeans that’ll last a lifetime”


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Bingo. This clown is part of the problem. This tribal belief that your party is the second coming of Christ and can do no wrong, and the other party is the reincarnation of Statan himself. But in reality both sides are valid and have good points and both have their negatives. Nobody is 100% perfect and neither are political parties.

After all, The only true enemy is the government itself.


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Definitely. People in rual areas live vastly different lives than city dwellers and as a result vote very differently and for valid reasons.

We’re seeing this issue all over the country (New York and NYC, Illinois and Chicago, California and LA, Texas and Dallas, and Oregon and Portland) where these giant cities are essentially silencing the rest of the state they’re in. Regardless of what side you’re on it’s a major issue that should be addressed


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They’re not victims.

They’re not forced into that job, and I’m sure 80-90% of them can easily leave and find work elsewhere. They’re just too scared to do so and they’re employer knows this. So why bother giving decent raises?

You never get anywhere in life being a pushover.


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Your old coworkers are the reason the job market is so screwed up. Somewhere along the line we all became complacent pushovers and our employers caught onto it and realized they don’t need to give pay raises