Caraes_Naur t1_ixim6mi wrote

I, a moderate Tolkien fan, knew I would not watch it when I saw the first trailer. First time showrunners and Galadriel wearing armor telegraphed how bad it would be. Learning that they fired Tom Shippey (40+ year Tolkien scholar) from being a consultant was even worse.

I have seen well-argued, in-depth criticism of RoP covering writing, pacing, fight choreography, cinematography, costume design, and more. And that's not counting all the outrage videos addressing the numerous WTF moments.

The two showrunners are buffoons who couldn't write themselves out of a single strand of spider silk, never mind a wet paper bag.

Half the reported budget at most seems to have made it on screen.

Then there was Amazon pulling a bunch of shenanigans with online reviews. On top of that, they have not made a single clear statement trumpeting its ratings. Not one.