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I donated every 56 days for years, until I was below 120 two donations in a row, and had to go on iron pills to build up my reserves. Iron pills, for me, are very unpleasant. I space out my donations now to every three months, and I still sometimes am below the minimum.


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I've donated about 10 gallons. Don't know how she was able to do it so consistently, as I keep getting deferred for low iron (ironically from donating so often), and usually women have lower iron levels than men.


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Doesn't work with me. I get so exasperated with the inability to do anything quickly that I just give up and never go there. Of course, the fact that the largest nearby mall is 90% women's clothing stores now also helps in avoiding it.


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Up until silver got phased out, silver dollars and fifty cent pieces did circulate to a fair extent. Not entirely sure why the switch to nickel made them circulate less; I know I've never received either as change, even back in the 80s.


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