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Fair enough! If we can include animations in any format, IMDB should maybe include that vase with the jumping goats from (if I remember rightly) about 3000 BC. Or if not that somewhat dubious example, there are definitely Chinese magic lantern type devices (走馬燈) from around 1000 AD that did a bit of animation.


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Are you being sincere, or sarcastic? I'm aware that each argument should be taken on its merits, but you might consider that the quality of this theory about a vague wealthy elite who engaged in various evil manipulations over a vague span of time is comparable to other theories that the same person has about UFOs (or UAPs, as the cranks call them these days in order to avoid looking like cranks). This question remains unanswered.


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I'm not the same person you were talking to previously, I don't have to be right to prove any point, and in fact I acknowledge I'm wrong about everything most of the time. I just happen to like Wiktionary, it's my go-to.

I don't know about Cambridge Dictionary, but Merriam-Webster have a page of notes about this particular "problem word". acknowledge that the "devastate" usage has been criticized. My feeling is that the one-in-ten usage (probably popular in Victorian times when every user of long words knew Latin) has had an upsurge in popularity over the last decade or so due to people on the internet being anal about it.


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I don't think Brexit was awful, and I'm not certain history books will paint it as a disaster. Currently it's seen as awful because of economic impact and because of the desire to have a strong Europe to oppose Russia, along with the insinuation that Russia was trying to engineer the breakup of Europe. However, a United States of Europe would also have been a bad thing. Unions, federations, and so on are tricky because minimal collaboration between equals is ideal and maximal central government is what tends to emerge. I know it seems irrelevant in the current climate, post-covid and with Russia rampaging around, but Brexit had an overlooked role as a backlash against that.

(It's a valid role if you're troubled by giant octopus-like central governments, I mean. Not everybody is, and I know this is an unpopular opinion, as will now be redundantly demonstrated by downvotes. It is however an aspect of the picture.)


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This argument about words is distracting from the interesting point about whether or not Boris decreed military cutbacks (and if so, why). However, Wiktionary has both uses:

> (loosely) To devastate

> (proscribed) To reduce to one-tenth

and all the quotations in the latter case include some extra words like "to one-tenth" to make sure it's understood literally. In summary: whatever.