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I used one of those rando London Underground subway style delta v charts -- my readers weren't handy -- and I think I grabbed the delta-v to Jupiter low orbit in there. My bad! I see from this one at 13.54 and Mars at 9.5 (I was doing the sums in my head too).


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I agree Callisto has promise but the delta-V to get to the surface of Callisto from LEO is like 28 kps, and the delta V to get to the surface of Mars is about 10 kps and Callisto is no help with the aerobraking.


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The rule was adopted on July 16, 2020 a date on which, last I looked, he was Chairman of the FCC.

If you don't want to bother to read the administrative history of this, that's fine. But "internet dilettante" isn't a great career choice.,and%20mental%20health%20crisis%20counselors.


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My answer is based on the 28 years I've known him, the one time I slept on his couch, and the fact that I often heard -- from him -- that he was working on this. Having mental health challenges in my own family, I repeatedly encouraged his on-going efforts to get this done.

Also, do you think a policy change like this happens at the FCC if the Chairman doesn't want it to happen?


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Hayek's point, of course, is that you cannot make a better order. No group can. And the attempt to do so leads, inexorably, to deprivation and tyranny.

The unalterable fact is that nothing has gotten more people out of extreme poverty than capitalism. In fact, before capitalism and the industrial revolution, everything in human history was pretty much shit. Is there all kinds of crony shit that goes down? Of course. And there's much to be done to stop it.

Now I take a decidedly broad view of what the "free market" is -- so don't at me with "But the Labor Unions!" -- I happen to believe organizing is as fundamental a right as the right to enter into a contract (both my grandfathers were proud union tradesmen, printing and steel) and needs to be protected just like contracts need to be enforced. I happily include labor movements as part of how the market can and ought to organize itself. I am not opposed to some forms of regulation, or even progressive taxation (to a point) but the default should always be to have a light hand on the till and let the market do its thing.

You do not know what will make the world better. Nor do I. Nor does that fellow over there. But more than anything even if it could work I am unalterably opposed to it because if a committee is making decisions, my livelihood would then demand upon my power within the state (and my ability to sit through committee meetings) instead of my own labor.

So thank you but no.


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“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design. To the naive mind that can conceive of order only as the product of deliberate arrangement, it may seem absurd that in complex conditions order, and adaptation to the unknown, can be achieved more effectively by decentralizing decisions and that a division of authority will actually extend the possibility of overall order. Yet that decentralization actually leads to more information being taken into account.” - Hayek