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I'd probably hate wind farms too if they suddenly put one near my house and I had to deal with the low frequency oscillations driving me insane.

20hz noise is like a subwoofer that you can't hear but you can feel. It's the kind of frequency they use in horror movies to unsettle the viewer without them being able to hear it. It would make you question your sanity and become paranoid about all noises.

I know there are no physical health effects but I don't think most people would be able to deal with that. Of course, this only affects people within a few kilometers of them. At homes measured 600m from a wind farm, low frequency noise levels were 63dB. That's significant.,-Long%2Dterm%20measurements&text=Infrasound%20from%20wind%20turbines%20could,cases%20below%20background%20infrasound%20levels.


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I would. Google has been poorly managed for the last decade.

They create a product, it does well. Then they kill it, only to replace it with two products that do the exact same thing but worse. Then once people start using it again, they rename it no less than three times, before merging the functionality into a different app. Then they just delete that feature for no reason in an update.

The cycle repeats.


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