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It’s not just this, it’s everything. The city requires a permit for almost everything but most take an actual eternity to process. I’ve had permit requests sit for MONTHS before anyone got back to me, for something so simple that would take me a half-day to do. I mean if NYC wants tax money, I would imagine they should be processing permits a lot faster, so people can start buying and start paying the taxes.


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I can barely get city approval to remove like 30 asbestos tiles and you’re now telling me that people are building massive heavy skyscrapers on just dirt and the city was like “yeah sure why not, everyone else is doing it.” 💀


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Part of the reason the Roman Empire sank was due to mass migration. It’s a problem that has no good solution. The issue majorly is that these people are not very employable, so they are at the mercy of what the state gives them. Each migrant right now costs more per month than the average income earned per New Yorker. It’s absolutely unsustainable. I’m all for helping people when I can, I get it, it’s a crisis. This can however bring NY and maybe the US to its knees. Even with affordable housing, NYC is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. So even if we gave every migrant a home, they would still require classes to learn the language, learn a trade or find a way to get a job. The issues can pile up through the ceiling. Sad truth of it all.


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Because legal immigrants, like myself, dislike illegal immigrants. My family paid a very hefty price to live in NYC. Blood, sweat and tears literally. To come here illegally is to spit on people who worked for their citizenship, their visas and their green cards. It should require effort and commitment to live and work in NYC. Immigration is fine but illegal immigration is not. I agree the process should be easier and honestly cheaper (we paid about 20k a person over the course of 20 years to get US citizenship. From work visa, to sponsorship for a green card to eventual naturalization. I came here when I was 5 and finally became a US citizen at 25.)