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UBI generally addresses this but the issue may be how to fund it.

It makes sense to tax something if it creates a negative externalty, or a cost on society outside the market transaction. So if you buy a gallon of oil, theres a societal cost of burning it, which makes sense to tax.

So whats the cost of automation, maybe a general sense of dread, lack of job security, maybe security concerns. If there is something there, then I'd favor a tax, otherwise UBI ftw


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not sure about that, but could test it by telling chatgpt to convince a new user that they are a human in a closed off room communicating by text. I think it would convince a lot of unsuspecting people


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That's good. Its also just you have to have it Rx'd very early on in flu symptoms, when most people think its just a cold or haven't got to the doctor yet


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I was listening to Boston Public Radio and there was someone telling the hosts how to address them, ‘you can them ‘your royal highness or [blah, blah]” I was thinking we won the dang revolutionary war we don’t have to call them anything special