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You dont need them for admittance into venues anymore but that could change. Recent covid outbreaks at large events are an issue. And some countries require vax for entry. Diagnosis of illnesses and treatments can require your vax history. Regardless of how necessary they still are they are legal medical documents. If anyone with those fake cards dies of misdiagnosis the scumbag dr is liable


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Many healthy young people have died from covid, including children. And many are now permanently disabled from it.

Mostly we dont care anymore if stupid people decimate their numbers. But we do find it disgusting when you kill the elderly or disable children for life. And we will all carry the tax burden of supporting the covid disabled for life. But we arent paying for your hospital bills or funerals anymore


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Because it has stopped the spread. It would be nice if people stopped acting like the vaccines never prevent infection, because they do. Even though 50% is not ZERO. Source: I and half of my family have not had covid. My vaxxed son had 2 roommates get covid 2 weeks ago, he did not. My daughter works retail, fully vaxxed, no covid.


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If course it matters. It is fraud and medical malpractice. Healthcare workers largely have to be vaxxed. If you end up in the ER you vax status matters a lot.

Plus you are wrong. Obviously the vaccines have almost stopped spread or we would still have overflowing hospitals and businesses closed because all the employees are sick. The vaccines do prevent infection in varying degrees of effectiveness. No infection means no transmission. They also mean shorter illness with less viral load which is less transmission. Your post is dangerous disinformation