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>No need for humans at all in your dystopian scenario, apparently.I cited one of a dozen sources that disagree with you about what percentage consumerism has and continues to contribute to the economy, but please feel free to call it ridiculous instead of bringing facts into the discussion. “Automation can” is not “has”, but you do you boo. Been fun, have a good one.

The people who own AI systems will not replace themselves. And they will have no fucking scruples about knifing the rest of humanity in the back if they can get away with it.


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The economy does not run on consumption. This such a ridiculous statement it just shows how incredibly naive and trusting supposedly intelligent people can be. Once techno-capital can automate every human task and implement it's own automated security force, there will be no need for human consumption and no need for labor.


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The fact of the matter is, the workers individual contribution has become less and less valuable as time goes on. There was a time when strikes could cripple an entire industry now for most jobs it seems like hiring humans is practically a courtesy. They could easily automate so much of the work that is currently being done, they just don't want to put in the up-front investment to do it. Currently most of the increases in profit at companies comes from executive decisions and adopting new tech, and less from acquiring new workers.