CarolBaskinDidntDoit t1_jb1985y wrote

In a similar (and possibly dumb) question: When we say that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, is it possible that the objects at the far edges of the universe are actually travelling at constant velocity from their reference, but as they get further away from the gravitational center of the universe, the time dilation reduces what a second is and therefore appears from our reference to be accelerating?

E.g. if a=dv/dt. If we measure the velocity of the distant object for an arbitrary amount of time - say 10,000 seconds. And let’s say the object is travelling at constant velocity, but as the object gets away from the gravitational center, a delta 10,000 seconds from the object’s reference would be shorter than a delta 10,000 seconds from our reference. So therefore we perceive this as a change in velocity?