Carp8DM t1_j7vizxa wrote

I mean, apparently not?

Think about it... all the shit that was gonna hit the Earth... Kinda already has.

More profoundly...

Most of the shit that was about to hit the Earth, got pulled into the moon. Look at all them craters.

So what's left? A bunch of shit. But a bunch of shit that isn't gonna hit either of us. It's almost like delayed gratification, if you think about it.

The Earth/Moon busted eachother up. Then they both got busted up for millions of years.... Untill eventually there was nothing left...

And here we are.

The calm result of a chaotic evolution of astrological impacts.

It's kinda beautiful, if you think about it.


Carp8DM t1_j7vanqi wrote

You're not wrong.

While Jupiter keeps the asteroid belt in check, the moon keeps many asteroids that would normally hit us from missing just barely.

In fact, just last month we had a near earth orbit of a pretty large asteriod. The moon's orbit and gravitational pull ensured the asteriod didn't come strait at us.