Carthonn t1_j94crzl wrote

Yup it’s a terrible place that just got way more terrible. I don’t even check it anymore because my feed got completely screwed up and flooded with trash. I can’t even comprehend what happened but all of a sudden I had like bum fight videos and school fight videos flooding my feed. Just terrible.


Carthonn t1_j23o16o wrote

Completely. I had a cop come to my door and ask me “Do you have any cameras on your house? There was a vehicle stolen across the street and we want to see if you had anything.”

That was a lesson for me to NEVER have a camera because the police will just look through all my stuff apparently.


Carthonn t1_j1bp3ks wrote

Like I know the internet is dumb but have we achieved a new level of stupid? Spending $45 billion on a company that’s just people arguing over nonsense that isn’t profitable while issuing polls to make policy decisions is unimaginable stupidity.

Whatever happens, just remember you aren’t Elon Stupid. In the Stupidity Hall of Fame 90% of the Hall will be dedicated to Elon. That guy is a fucking moron.