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Yes, and it irritates me to no end that a live action Batman Beyond movie was one of the things that got scrapped by DC last year. It would have been the perfect way to bring back Michael Keaton as Bruce and introduce a whole new rogues gallery to race/gender swap to their little activist hearts content.


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Seriously how much more money does Jennifer Salke have to burn before Bezos fires her ass? Does she have blackmail photos on him? Did he get drunk at a party and touch her inappropriately or what?


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The humor got a lot more bland and “family friendly,” John got a new love interest that was annoying AF and pissed everyone off because we all wanted him to get with Carly, they toned down John’s demons and made his struggles with alcoholism more of a punchline than something serious, Carly gave up being a call girl and bought the bar in the station turning it into a nightclub, Dexter lost a lot of his edge and developed this sort of odd couple relationship with Gene, who used to be more of the moderate blue collar foil to his Malcom X mentality. Basically it became a generic sitcom. It was still good, it just wasn’t the same shocking breath of fresh air wtf am I watching season 1 was.


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I recently rediscovered The John Laroquette Show on RewindTV. Holy shit I forgot how good that first season was. It was incredibly bleak for a sitcom, John being a rock bottom recovering alcoholic becoming the night manager of a bus station, trading quips with a very progressive black man who ran the snack counter, in a will they/won’t they maybe romance with a hot as hell hooker with a heart of gold, and a revolving door of high profile guest stars and cameos. Yeah it went to shit in the second season and had just started turning things around in the third before it got shitcanned but man that first season was incredible. It was gutsy in a way broadcast tv wouldn’t dream of these days, and way before it’s time feeling more like an HBO series than NBC. It’s not streaming anywhere so if you have RewindTV it airs on Sunday’s.


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Bullshit. I took art classes in high school and college, and rando MF’ers would drop in and make my stuff look like dogshit by comparison. Not sure why this cartoonist feels the need to bash natural talent but it is absolutely a thing and should be appreciated.


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Or you could just give back what he was dishing? Confront him on the real reason he does it directly instead of asking your therapist to make a best guess. Recently both my parents suffered a medical setback, and I’ve tried to be there as much as I can but they live in another state. My sibling, who rarely talks to them, started texting and occasionally dishes on me for not being there more. Instead of letting it sit, I called her directly to advise her my job and family don’t allow me to be there 24/7 and asked why she, someone who is unemployed with no kids in the house, hasn’t been there once since this issue started. That shut her up fast and she hasn’t brought it up once.

Facing adversity is not only part of adulting, it’s how you strengthen personal resolve. Hiding from it, while the easier immediate solution, only sets you up for failure when things you can’t hide from come into your life.


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Lol what? An override device is directional by design and is essentially an add on peripheral that tells the switching computer “hey: give traffic going in this direction immediate priority and close all other lanes.” It’s literally no more expensive than replacing a single light fixture.