CashCow4u t1_jbkfosl wrote

They need accountability for their actions.

Why should your barber or stylist be required to have education and certification by state boards who can suspend or revoke their license so they never work in the field again if they misbehave or hurt someone - they only use scissors & chemicals on your hair or face.

Cops use chemicals, cuffs & guns, and they are allowed to steal, rape, kill with immunity, plant evidence, false statements from professional witnesses, send innocent poeple to prison all while being paid taxpayer monies. This is how your city council spends your tax dollars. Cops are acting like gangs who wear uniforms & work for the city/state.

If cops wanna be trusted & respected they need to prove they are worthy with same pre-employment screens as a security clearance, national registration, state certification, and accountability when they screw up. Those that lead or watch over need to be the best of the crop.