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You’re right. Everyone can’t be saved. But some can. And some is better than none. Additionally, some of the unwilling will leave the platform, making it more enjoyable for everyone else.


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Facebook did a thing a while back where it labeled misinformation. That looked like a good step. Once an bad story or source is found out, can a platform message users that shared it with the info/data dispelling it? Point out the nefarious actors? Along with a compassionate note about it being hard to tell sometimes? And some notes about what could have tipped them off? I know I'm asking for a lot here, but platforms have an opportunity to educate their users. Little by little improve the experience of their site overall.


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Probably because naturally one generation will be dying off at a greater rate and the other is growing up in tech. The better question might be; Why would you slight gen Z with the comment, "sounds about right for the instagram / tiktok generation."? Don't you realize you've turned into your grandparents who complained about your atari/nintendo/star wars generation?

IMHO though, I think both generations were kinda right. For decades our focus on what's cool and fun have distracted us from civic and personal financial matters that have allowed corporate America to thrive at the expense of our people. We 'respected our elders' and they screwed us. But I'm just a grumpy ol fuddy duddy.