CauliflowerFront3706 t1_j8we9du wrote

Get a bagel at spread at 16th and walnut. Take a nap. Wake up to a beautiful 68 degree day. Take the dogs for a long walk on the river trail. Get lunch somewhere outdoors on Rittenhouse square- parc or via locusta. Sit in Rittenhouse. Walk down to doggie style and look in the windows at the cute dogs who need to be adopted. Hit up a happy hour- maybe black sheep. Get an early bite to eat and call it.


CauliflowerFront3706 t1_ixabwmh wrote

I love bringing my dog to bars, while on their leash and sitting or standing right next to me. But having multiple dogs running around unleashed, while owners are looking away drinking, is just a disaster. This couple clearly did not think this through.

Have they had dogs before the doodle they probably bought from a puppy mill during peak covid?