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My point was that the books do indeed portray abuse and neglect, portray children being chronically unheard and mistreated and mistrusted, they are indeed dark. I think the darkness is prob very clear to the children who made the series so popular. Not every kid can put into words the experience of being cast out and hurt, but the books portray it as a norm and thus are super validating.

Plus, I am am adult and I say adults are stupid. I mean, we are really stupid. Right?!

If I were getting into a serious, dark discussion, I'd also mention that what is portrayed as adult stupidity is often actually systemic violence, unhealthy social hierarchies (like churches) and well meaning adults who are thwarted when they try to help vs adults, are merely stupid.

From a child's perspective, yes, I think "stupid" suffices as a good enough description. As an adult, I can see a larger system. Individual adults may not be responsible for their own powerlessness and inaction (they tried, after all), but the children are still harmed. No one does well in the books, and that's a pretty fair depiction of life as I know it. Adults are stupid, but it's not really their fault. Not an uplifting thought, but that's why I stopped reading the books. They're bleak.


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"Adults are very stupid" - an adult

Seriously, any contested custody case proves the books are quite realistic. Yes, I couldn't finish them, either. Sure, they felt unrealistic.

Are they unrealistic? Maybe, but not in portraying adults as stupid and obtuse, utterly blind to abuse and malevolence. That part was entirely accurate.