Caution999 t1_iykzm6a wrote

I feel like puberty shapes a lot of what we will become and isn't an enemy of humans.

"one hell of a fight" = simple information warfare, engaging in debate.

I don't care what grown adults do to their bodies as long as it's legal. I do care about protecting innocent, children, sure. sue me.


Caution999 t1_iykrlxl wrote

How would you describe a true friend? Is it someone who will give you the tough truth - even if they know it will hurt you slightly in the moment - for the greater good in the longterm? Or is a true friend someone who just says "YES HONEY YOU DO YOU!" every time they ask you a question?

Anyway, for whatever 0.0000003% thing you want to throw at me like some kind of got ya moment - let's just stick to the Chromosomes then.