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What year did you graduate? Class of 2014 here, I remember a lot of talk of the Civil War and ending slavery in my US History year. However there was very little to no discussion of the reconstruction and race struggles afterwards. I remember a little bit of stuff about sharecropping and some other stuff. No more real talk of race issues until we got to the civil rights movement.

This was in a very rural area of a pretty red state, for reference. The ironic thing is my state, Indiana, was on the side of the North and never had much slavery. Now you see all kinds of idiots flying confederate flags, and I remember kids in my class at the time saying we should never have given black people freedom. Specifically remember a particular dirtbag say “them n*****s should still be slaves today” in class, out loud, and not even getting detention for it.


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Except we don’t know that. If you could travel multiple times the speed of light, ideally many multiples, you could reach the edge of the observable universe. There you very well might just find more universe. We don’t know there’s an “edge.” Just an edge of what we can see.