Celectionn OP t1_j6y31xe wrote

you don't think people with bully me for that picture?

That it's not gonna be used against me?

I'm not optimistic about that, bullies are everywhere and really people don't care? well not that girl at the party, and how many others will react the same by bullying me if this goes into social media/public?


Celectionn OP t1_j6sdpec wrote

thanks but I'm not an alcoholic just a dumbass that wanted to drink like i don't know... every young people? like i knew that all of them weren't my friend but i just wanted to enjoy a party you know? did i really played a stupid game? for what? wanting to enjoy myself? didn't i just got unlucky?

i don't know maybe i was dumb and you're right i've always had what i consider now a bad habit that is being optimistic about people,that bullying was just because kids are dumb but i was wrong

today i fucked up! :(


Celectionn OP t1_j6sa4xp wrote

throwaway account obviously

I had some friends at the party

Its not somehow they are bullies didn't know that they would go and take pictures,what do you mean cover-up?


and why the fuck would i lie about that this is humiliating,if i wanted to lie i would have said something like that under that shower people saw that i have a horsec**ck and now every girl in town wants some and i have multiple harems, my story is not glorifying, since when guys lie on the internet in my way? generally its: "9 inch flaccid bro"


Celectionn OP t1_j6s0rtr wrote

Didn't you read? on these godamn pitcures it seems like i have a micropenis and now these pictures are at risk of being shared online, i already got bullied a the party by a girl what happens next when everyone see the pictures? sorry didn't wanna come off rude but like this is not just "naked" its more thant that i don't give a f**ck if some people see me naked you don't get bullied for just being "naked"