CentJr t1_jeg7scu wrote

I mean... Iraq literally got invaded for less than the shit that Iran has been pulling for the last decade.

Enriching uranium to a dangerous level , spreading proxies all over the region, causing sectarianism to spike wherever they go, bombing their neighbors with ballistic and UAVs to get the political leverage they need, attacking ships in the Persian Gulf, managing to drag down 3-4 Arab countries into a pool of endless corruption...etc etc.

And now they are helping Russia bomb an EU candidate.


CentJr t1_j20pcjt wrote

Well I'm thankful but still mad about him for being late.

If not for the infrastructure attacks against US partners then at the very least the attempted assassination of (then) Iraq's PM by the proIran parties after the elections should've at least prompted Biden to do something. (Think it happened like in November last year )


CentJr t1_j1zjm6z wrote

>Biden administration was creating a task force to investigate how U.S. tech was ending up in the Iranian drones.

So now's the time for the US to take action against their drones? Where were you when the Saudis have been parading the wreckage of Iranian drones that were used in attacks against their infrastructure for the last 5 years?

Doing things like this only enforces the idea that the US (and the P5+1 of the JCPOA in general) has been using Iran as some sort of boogeyman for the Gulf states who lack a competent armed forces (and Military industrial complex)