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Why is every single story posted in this subreddit actually depressing, and then has some very minor redemption that in no way makes the original circumstance actually any less horrible?

Why can't, for once, we have an uplifting news story that is actually uplifting?

It's always something like, "Six year old born without arms, legs, or eyes who was abandoned in a dumpster behind an Applebees receives over a dozen stuffed teddy bears by the first responders who found him"


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I have a stuffed animal that I sleep with. I've been doing it for awhile. He has a name and an entire personality.

He is not really for me, he is for my daughter. I made up this entire backstory for him, and how he is very important to me, etc.

Normally I lay next to my daughter and read to her, or we play games and talk before she goes to sleep.

I'm getting chemotherapy, and my body fluids/sweat are toxic, especially the first few days after an infusion. So I sleep in the guest room, use a separate bathroom, and can't lay next to my daughter/ put her to bed.

So on days where I can't cuddle her, I give her my stuffed animal and ask her to take care of him, and then I FaceTime her from the other room before bed, and she has "my" stuffed animal to cuddle with in my place.


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My daughter broke her arm a couple months ago. They did a reduction in the ER, but we were back less than six hours later because after the reduction, she lost all feeling in her two little fingers. We waited in triage for hours. During that time, I gave her Children’s Tylenol from my purse. When we were called back, I let the nurse know I had given her Tylenol in the waiting room.

Guess what they charged me for when the bill came? Yea, they actually charged me $10 or me to administer my own Tylenol purchased from a drug store.