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It’s a continuum, just like people’s buy-in prices. And it depends on how much ability you have to wait it out (and they have A LOT). The only thing that would cause a panic imho is if the whole market started a strong and sustained recovery, and they‘d feel that Tesla would be washed up with it, even if the performance started to deteriorate. And it will deteriorate. But if the weak market continues for one or two more quarters, bad news about Tesla will eventually come out and there will be no general momentum to stop the drop.


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If it’s a sashimi platter, it’s the most uninspiring presentation I have ever seen. Looks more like a prep board. Most of it well end up on the plate as sashimi, sure. But not necessarily all of it.

I‘ve had wagyu sashimi, for instance (bottom row), but it’s not uncommon to flash sear beef for flavor.

Also, the Japanese don’t typically present caviar in jars.