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Yes, you can find the story of a 72yr old cancer patient being fined for not taking care of his yard while doing treatment. You can find stories of people facing violations and fines for endless amounts of absolutely ridiculous issues that would be resolved better by simply calling or reaching out to make sure the person is ok.

Why is it so hard for people to treat others in a humane fashion? Why does everything revolve around punishment rather than simple communication?


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I'm going to take the more realistic approach and say you're completely wrong.

The only reason this person got the extension is because of how much attention this recieved. These government workers don't give af about you or your life. They are there to collect money.

The fact that the person even recieved this notice without being given explicit details on how to proceed says all that needs to be said. This was a cash grab that failed and became embarrassing enough to be swept up before anyone notices the mess.


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Reply to Cool trick by amynoacid

This is a HORRIBLE idea that could genuinely result in sickness.

These plastics are not designed to be heated and melted then eaten out of again, they are EXTREMELY fragile to temperature unless SPECIFICALLY designed to endure them.

DO NOT DO THIS unless you are 10000% sure this plastic won't release toxic or cancerous chemicals that will be absorbed by the food or liquids running over them.


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Uh, so you're telling me the A.I. is capable of creating new solutions from pre-existing data? And that is different from my implication in what way exactly?


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Why couldn't we create an A.I. to determine what chemical reactions cause the side effects? Then we could simply input whatever concoction is developed only to know what the side effects and their chances are will be? Could even narrow down likely hood to be affected, even on how it interacts with other diseases etc.

A.I. is the way.