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Oh I see. You mean Bernoulli trial. Interesting, would call a something discrete qualitative too or just Bernoulli?

When I asking about the conditional probability of trait given parents have trait, I was really thinking of something like height (continuous), but figured find out if such statistic exists in the simpler situation where we consider a yes or no trait.


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>It means 100% of the phenotypic variation depends on genes, which is quite different.

I think this is what I was trying to say, but let me restate it to make sure I am on the right track. 100 heritability implies variation in trait amongst a population is wholly accounted for by variation in genetics of population and there is no correlation between variation in environment causing additional variation in traits.


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I don’t like this post either, but you are definitely reading to much into. This is reads like the dude the rephrased a more poignant passage in a super generic and terribly worded way.

Let’s restrict “problems” to be things we can take action on. An Uber reasonable restriction to make while trying to problem solve. Then, this incredibly poorly worded generic truism holds in 1st and 3rd world nations.