Chaosr21 t1_jd18bt0 wrote

I love German made stuff. My last 3 cars have been German made, still haven't had an engine shit out on me.

The first 2 though, 1 of them some guy in a lifted truck ran over my hood and totalled it. The 2nd one was kinda my fault but a dog ran out in front of me and I swerved off the road into the curb. The curb annihilated my transmission from underneath.

The 3rd one is going strong lol, they are very quiet and have good engines. The 2.5l is great. Suspension is nice too. I just hope some crazy accident doesn't happen again, I've been driving like a grandma and parking far away from people


Chaosr21 t1_j8qg7jg wrote

The earth looks alive. It's so sad that we're destroying it. This beautiful and possibly living thing. I mean everything on the earth is alive, so why not the earth itself?