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They'll only pee on the relics at Stonehenge and elsewhere. No, send-em to Cuba for some nice warm times. Confessio: Me mate's family are Scots Irish, and persnickety.

Meanwhile, I recall an Irish-American guy saying he was 14 years old before he learned that FuckingEnglish wasn't one word. 8-)


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Electricity: Zap people and animals to death.
Mechanics: Crush people and critters to death.
Chemistry: Poison people and critters to death.
Mind-control: Scare people and animals to death.
Media: Bore people to death. Beware animals.
Politics: Bludgeon people to death. Run faster.


Chard069 t1_jbldpbb wrote

Just what I meant to add here -- you beat me to it!

I'm reminded of a truism: "If an elderly, well-respected scientist says something is possible, they are likely correct. If they say something is not possible, they are likely wrong."

But 'likely' doesn't mean 'positively' or 'absolutely'. Old wankers are right sometimes.


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To any Martian or Neptunian resident, we grubby Terrestrials are an alien species. Earthlings have sent objects to inspect and infest their planets without receiving permission. Why trust us?

Prudent non-humans on other Solar-orbiting bodies ('planets' etc) would mask themselves from outside surveillance. Who knows what horrors lurk in space? We naive Terrestrials have yet to reach a sufficient level of paranoia.

Do unknown (to Earthlings) worlds in Solar orbits exist? Are they insignificant, or masked? Could any known planet(oid)s harbor technological societies hostile to Earthlings? Are the Ionians out to get us?

Excuse me for skepticism. Continued human existence supports my view. YMMV.