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I have one here, it's electric and has all the bells and whistles. Heated seat and water option, reg wash, turbo wash (for when feeling constipated), fem wash, child wash, even has a blowdryer, nightlight, Fabulous, I barely use any toilet paper if at all.


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Hi, I'm a 62 year old guy and I bought a pregnancy pillow, 4 years ago. For Just this reason, it worked wonders. It's like a big cocoon that surrounds you. It's very adjustable to your liking by adding or removing stuffing from anywhere around the pillow shape. Looks like a big ole pillow horseshoe. The included cover unzips and is washable. I can't believe more men don't know about this. I told my mailman and he got one, says he sleeps way better with a lot less tossing and turning.