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Doubles and doppelgangers and your experiences diverging wildly. You die and revive, but someone else brought the old you back from the brink of death. you die and revive, but you come back so fundamentally different that its a chore be the old you in order to cover up your own death. you die and revive as something fundamentally different, and someone else creates a clone of the person you were pretending to be so that no one has to really deal with the consequences of you dying.


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Reply to Big W by diplet-where-am-i

feel like if youre going to do a gimmick like this you REALLY have to do the gimmick. you have to make it a giant cartoon button that you can press with a fist


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I guess? half of the stuff i mentioned is the supposed benefits of ‘buying in’ to the system not working as advertised, and another half (NOT the other half, overlaps a bit with the first half) is a result of NFTs being an attempt to bring the dynamic of buying and selling fine art to a completely digital space. which, to be clear, isn’t the kind of thing that anyone thought was missing from ‘the experience’. its a dynamic that people are pretty happy to be free of


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im speaking as an artist here: absolutely not. there's nothing that NFTs and/or crypto broadly can do for art ecosystems that can't already be done with traditional systems. add onto that:

  • they look like that
  • the fact that buyers aren't buying the art, they're buying the asset that happens to be bundled to the art
  • the fact that the token is merely a link to the image, hosted elsewhere, which means that the image tied to the token can be changed or disappear
  • every little transaction costs money, to the point that if you're small time you probably won't break even after gas costs (that's what they're called, right)
  • the ability for future buyers of the token to sidestep the residuals, which is one of the things that this system is advertised as giving you
  • this is obvious but theres also the absurd environmental cost of transactions
  • and then there's their insanely bad reputation, which is fucking poison to your personal brand

and there are definitely additional, more minute problems. its just not worth the trouble when paypal, patreon, ko-fi, and whatever else work well enough, and they work with real money


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Caper is a cyborg that was outfitted with a very extensive suite of augmentations to let her carry out dangerous maintenance and mech support. Her ‘job’ is, naturally, keeping an aging space station in a workable condition. She doesn’t remember anything about herself from before she was augmented, and has recurring feelings of guilt for replacing whoever she used to be.