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Well, this puts them out of step with a lot of other countries in their region, as well the broad trend throughout central and South America. Notably, same-sex marriage is now legal in all four of the big "anchor" countries of the Spanish-speaking world [Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina]

Hopefully that increases popular pressure for change.


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That's exactly the calculation that insurance companies make though. I work as an internal auditor and I've audited an insurance company. Cases where the patient almost died but then lived a long time afterwards by far cost the most money.

But holy shit, that's the sort of thing you bury in a comment on like the seventeenth sheet of a government budget Excel spreadsheet. Not say in a public meeting.

But perhaps most importantly, it's also not supposed to be an argument for killing those people, holy fuck


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Why don't I ever see old white ladies thanking doctors, nurses, teachers, etc.?

You want my vibe check on it? I live in the South. You can tell a lot about people, especially older people, by how they dress.

This was a conservative, racist old white lady thanking cops because she hears on the news about how BLM "hates cops." They probably had to stop her before she started going on and on about how "those people" are ruining our town.

I'd bet every dollar I have on it.


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A week or two ago I was grabbing food for lunch and a table of cops were eating. An old white lady walked up to their table and took them each by the hand to "thank them for their service," her eyes brimming with adorational tears. In some sleepy suburban area with basically no crime.

That's who sits on juries.


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Within countries, life expectancy is strongly differentiated by wealth as well. US males in the lowest income quintile have a life expectancy of like 67; whereas women in the highest income quintile have a life expextancy of 96.


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