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I worked part time for Nespresso doing demos the past two holiday seasons and I hated doing demonstrations in BB&B. The prices on most items were at least 20% higher than other competitors and people realized that. Shoppers always needed help and it was nearly impossible finding someone. The stock situation was weird- some stores had an abundance of some items, while a store a few towns over had opposite stock.


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It’s really sad to see how pay scales have shifted. I work in a district that capped out around 100k at step 13 for teachers with a Master’s. Now step 13 is 64k. Now we are at 22 steps. I’ll be making 36k less in my 13th year than those a decade before me. But to be in this many years you are stuck. I interviewed at three other districts for slightly higher pay, but they all offered are 2 or 3. Not worth it.


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It’s been rough. I’ve never seen it so bad. I am in my 12th year, pay has been stagnant, resources are few and far between, and buying your own supplies has become the norm. I decided to go back to university at 36 in hopes of finding something new, because teaching for another 30 years is not an option.