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Yeah it’d be valuable to have an archive of first hand perspectives for future historians, or just regular people interested in researching their family trees. If people aren’t talking to you it doesn’t matter, because it’s not you and it’s not conscious and bored or lonely. There’s no really downside other than cost really


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If I’m talking for any amount of time, I end up bringing up future things I’m worried about and asking why isn’t anyone doing anything, are our leaders morons or something? And then everyone gets excited to talk about how the leaders are morons. That’s the hook


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While I mostly agree, the most appealing part of viewing art, or film, or reading, isn’t the spectacle of the image or the plot, but meeting another mind. That said, my bigger worry is that generating cool images and plot twists is how a lot of artists pay their rent. AI, to my mind, won’t replace the need for human art, but it might make producing human art even harder to do if you don’t already have a trust fund to support you


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Because it’s a forum about massive and largely unavoidable technological upheaval that is Henry well might destroy the way most people earn a living. Whatever the exact contours of the new economic reality, it’s going to be unlike anything that’s existed up until this point. Part of the reason for arguing for a utopian way forward is because we know that’s not where the society is naturally heading and we want a utopian voice in the conversation when the utilitarians start talking.


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That’s the black mirror twist. Any more time than say five minutes inside an eternal porn chamber is too much time, but once you are in you are IN. So eventually we all go in during a moment of weakness and then after we finish we spend an eternity feeling queasy inside some computer program that’s guessing you want step-sibling scenarios because they were the most googled term in your region.


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I think this will mostly be a question for the next generation. The early adapters are only going to be billionaires and other essential people until they are absolutely certain their are enough resources. I think we get eternal life in the next hundred years but only for between 500 - 2000 people. Then maybe eventually they get those numbers up to maybe 200,000 people by the year two thousand