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One of the times I failed after my license expired, I didn't make it out of the parking spot.

I checked all my mirrors and over my shoulders like 3 times, all clear... I put the car in reverse, not even hitting the gas, just let off the brake, the car started to ease back very slowly. I maybe moved a foot or so back, then a jeep came flying through the parking lot behind me. I pressed the brake, I was not even off of it with my foot.

The trooper said, "That's it, were done."

As if I almost hit them, if really wasn't even close...


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Where did you take the test?

I originally did mine at 16 in Springfield. First time no problems. My license got suspended, and expired while it was suspended for 30 days... I like to speed.

When I went to take my driving test again downtown was a mess, I actually failed for some dumb crap.

I ended up going to Republic to take the test, it was a much better route than downtown Springfield.


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LKQ Remanufacturing

Day shift only 6am to 4:30pm

Monday through Thursday, some half day Fridays for overtime. No Saturdays or Sundays.

16.80 starting pay, 80 hours PTO starting, good insurance

No experience necessary, no drug test

2720 N Airport Commerce


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Man... I haven't thought about that place in years. Back in the day, when your mom could drop you off and not worry you would be on the 10 o'clock news.

I was ok with waiting until the movies got out of the bigger theaters and just go see them there. I think I snuck into my first R rated movie there... But I don't remember what movie it was sadly.


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Sadly there are a lot of fakes out there, and it makes it hard for people to believe.

As many people have mentioned in this thread James River is a mega church, it is so big people think that represents all of christianity. There are many different "interpretations" as people like to say... But Jesus only taught one way, and it really wasn't complicated as other people like to believe.

True christians would be known by the love they have amongst themselves. If you don't see real love in practice, they can claim to be, but it does not make them christian.


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I have been hearing a lot about James River from coworkers who go there. They sound pretty excited about things, but when I hear about it I just start thinking about Jesus walking into the temple and flipping the tables of the merchants.

I hear this week they are having services every night and doing "healings"... One evening a visiting pastor has people speaking in "tongues"... The next night a different visitor says no don't do that.

I agree with the other response about prayer. If you earnestly pray to God for the truth about the Bible, he will reach out to you. Be receptive when it comes along, but don't just listen to what a person says. When someone tells you to believe a statement, they should show it to you in the Bible.

Nobody should ever say my pastor says this, it should always be the Bible says this... And then they should be able to show it.


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LKQ is a major company, they have their hands in a lot of aftermarket and remanufacturing for automotive parts.

SRC is another local remanufacturing company with multiple locations. LKQ is bigger, but less local presence.

If you have been in the area long you may remember Aaron's automotive, that was bought out a few times and is now LKQ. The building is over by the old airport down west Kearney.


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I see you mentioned being a diesel tech. If you have any interest in gasoline engine remanufacturing. LKQ is starting at $16.80 an hour, with some chances for monthly bonuses. $100 monthly perfect attendance bonus, $0.50 to $1.50 per hour worked for production and quality bonus, if the line hits in range of it's goals.

40 hours PTO to start with, and a fairly generous point system for other absences.

Four 10 hour days, Monday through Thursday, some half day Fridays for overtime. No Saturdays or Sundays. No second shift. 6am to 4:30pm.

No drug test, and no experience necessary.


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Lol, I have upset some people. Just saying when I googled the breed, it says they were known to be feral.

Also known as American dingo I think it said.

Bottom line is, nobody is going to want a dog with aggression unless they have a junk yard or are trying to get into dog fighting.

Edit: This was meant to be in reply to the other comment.


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I second Great Southern. My wife and I have been there for probably 15 years or more. The hours and locations were the big selling point in the beginning. Just wish they would get a location in Bolivar.