Chief_Givesnofucks t1_itfkvck wrote

Right, and as pointed out…most of that was ghost written. Dude hasn’t put out shit popular in ~20 years. Look, I own Snoop Dogg shit from back in the day too but ever since he showed these same racist colors when hating on Em a few years back, I’m all set with him.


Chief_Givesnofucks t1_itefnkh wrote

And yet if that ‘little white boy’ had thrown you 25k for a feature you’d ride his dick for the 3 1/2 minutes of his song PLUS his music video, like the other 400 features you’ve done for people who no one have ever heard. When the fuck were you relevant again? About 3 decades ago before Dre decided to work with people with more talent than one album?

Tha fuck outta here with your played out ass. You’re right, why should anyone be following you around asking your opinion, because honestly, who gives a fuck what you think?