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We are in California. Our payments are called general assistance and that allows it to be tax free. Our Indian health(run by the 5 local tribes) gives out food a couple times a month. When our tribe does it people bitch about what they are getting so it's not worth the hassle. The majority are thankfully but a small percentage ruin it for everyone.


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My tribe has a casino and we get about $800 a month with a couple $500 easter and Xmas bonuses. It's not enough to live on but it's very very nice.

Our casino was mismanaged by our board and only paid interest on the casino loan of a couple hundred million. That was for 20 years. In the last 10 years things got better and the debt will be paid off in like 2 years.

The college thing is really great. I believe some schools in New Hampshire or Vermont allows tribal members to go for free. The same with the Colorado College of Mines and now all UCs in California. We have a scholarship program and have sent maybe 100 kids through, myself included. The tribes goal is to make each generation better and I think it's working.


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My family tree has branches overlapping. Luckily it's a couple generations in the past.

My great great grandma was married and had a child with a man. He then had a child with my great grandma. I also know of at least 2 sets of first cousins, not from my family, who are married with kids.


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Overturned by who? Tribes can define membership based on how they want to. The bia typically stays out of inter tribal matters

In my tribe you have to be born into the tribe. You then have 1 year to apply. No exceptions. That means some people are left out. We have a casino so we want the least amount in our tribe. Before the casino, we had really lax rules on membership.