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How I found out about the disease state. I had to check if there was any truth to the authors putting that in an anime becuase stuff can be made up. There's always a reason the author puts stuff from life in anime, like how all high school animes have a sports festival.


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That pickup line only works on medical professionals. If you tell a stranger in public they had Rhabdo. You might find they will grab yo ass and yet you to the nearest black hole.


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I will say SWTOR is okay but I got stuck early in the game and gave up becuase of the leveling mechanism. With FFXIV, I sped run that thing and finished the main story quest in 3 weeks' time all the way to Endwalker before the recent update.

I'm gonna have to defer to FFXIV based on leveling game mechanics.


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Bet you didn't know it probably contains a colony of staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria.

Source: Me; eating food right at my desk with my bare hands after touching my keyboard to get a canker sore a few days later. Also, I have gotten a sore throat.


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You are not likely to be prescribed acetylcysteine by your doctor beforehand if you intend to take a pill before getting hammered and then take Tylenol for the headache, like 1 hour after stopping to drink. I should also state that the chemical composition of N-acetylcysteine contains a sulfur group, meaning the medication will smell. It is known the tablet form is horrible to take.

Just keep drinking water to stay hydrated. I drank a bunch of Pedialyte to stave off a headache with better success than Gatorade.


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Can confirm it’s not a quick effect like after 15 minutes. Taking Tylenol and Alcohol at the same time or even if you take Tylenol 15 minutes before drinking alcohol is a slow walk to saturating liver enzymes and creation of a toxic byproduct. People will be admitted to the floor due to seriousness of condition. This link is about acetaminophen toxicity. The only treatment for acetaminophen toxicity is acetylcysteine.


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On the commercial scale. Blockchain for tracking stuff in real-time competes with other solutions that already exist for manufacturing with the use of a QR code in a database pegged to a month and year. It's just an expense added to a solution that was already working.


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I had to go through this article and scrutinize it because something about it was fishy. I have my own recurve and don't use a back tension release. And then I realized it is an article with a slight bias becuase the users of a back tension release would be more likely to use a compound bow.