Chii t1_jabs3rw wrote

If a kremlin plant views living in the US as desirable, it means they have some greed, vs pure ideology as their motivation. This would make that person more readily convertable to a double agent - after all, the amount of money and better life being offered by the US would be magnitudes greater. Esp. if the family can also move.

Of course, the kremlin knows this, therefore, it's highly likely that the kremlin plants that make it to the whitehouse are more likely to be ideologically driven than greed driven.


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Imputed means access without having to pay real cash for.

it is basically "virtual" income (not virtual as in computer/internet, but "as if" real). By being able to book via someone working at the airport, you gained an advantage, which is valued at $55 (somehow, not sure how they calculate it...).

Often, it is considered that owning your own place of living as a form of imputed rental income, because you got access to living in a property without having to pay the equivalent rent to someone.

Edit: from my understanding, imputed income should not be taxed, but different countries treat this differently.


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> meaningful policy change targeting the big dogs doesn’t also happen

not disagree, but any policy that costs more (such as carbon capture) would mean the costs passed down to the eventual consumers.

So ultimately, individuals bear the cost. What is needed is for policy to ensure all externalities are accounted for and paid for, and this requires gov't intervention.