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It’s safe to say the ACS is meaningless and all policy and conclusions should be drawn from the census every decade which showed modest population gains in Philadelphia. Rental Vacancy is the best metric along with rental growth to understand population growth YOY because people need a place to live and housing pressure is directly correlated to population/income growth.


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I mean I work in the NE so I see it every day. Mayfair, Somerton and Bustleton are all booming with construction activity. Same with Germantown. In fact Mayfair has had such insane population growth over the last 10 years they had to open a new elementary school.


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Not yet, it will happen though. Right now I can only think of Caphe roasters, The Makers space across the street and Bulk Vintage in that neighborhood. East Kensington still isn’t completely built out. Once more lots there like automotive repair biz off Frankford start falling development will be pushed up to Huntington and Tioga. Even York-Dauphin isn’t completely built up yet!


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Drexel Hill is fine if you don't mind being closer to poorer areas in Upper Darby Township such as near 69th street. It is an extremely diverse and middle class neighborhood with really good connectivity to the city and Bala Cynwyd. My only gripe with UD township is the property taxes vs quality of housing stock, but that is very common in older bedroom communities in the NE.


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Surprisingly, development is starting to creep up and past Lehigh. I agree once the viaduct falls as a no go zone for yuppies/artists/creatives most of Upper Kensington and the Lower NE will be developed its so obvious. A lot of the Fentanyl problem will pushed to Frankford as property values rise along the El.


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YES!! tchotchkes, Lunar Inn, Richmond St Flea, etc. The problem is Port Richmond is so disconnected from the rest of the city right now that it's tempering its growth. A lot of the younger millennials and Gen Z who are being priced out of fishtown because they rent are moving to Port Richmond.


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Really depends on your lifestyle and price range. This question is really open ended. Pretty much all of the nice parts (amenities, schools, SFH) of Montgomery/Delaware/Chester County are going to be expensive relative to most of Metro ATL except maybe Sandy Springs, Buckhead, etc. If you do decide to work in Bala I would prioritize access to route 30 over taking 76 to City Line Ave for your own sanity.


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You cant really afford anything in the suburbs or the city that will meet all your needs unless you move to the exurbs like the perimeter of the metro area or Northeast Philly and then a garage is unlikely. More likely you'll have a parking lot and will be living in an economically depressed area or an apt building. 100K combined is really nothing here in the metro area. The Median household income in the collar counties of Philly is $75K+, with Chester County being 100k+. Include gas, tolls, CoL adjustment from Ohio you'll probably be scraping by honestly.


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Exactly, people think Philly is NYC lite and will be just like whatever neighborhood they moved from. While Philly's cultural scene is growing with new galleries and other things many of the activities young city folk do in Chi/DC/LA/NYC are missing here. Especially late night food/drinks, DJ sets, Pop-ups, markets, Trunk Shows, etc. Also Philly is not nearly as transit accessible, which really confines those without cars to only a few neighborhoods and many of those neighborhoods are not as built out as NYC. I mean lets be real the same 5-10 neighborhoods are always recommended on this sub and they are all in greater CC or the northwest!


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Honestly, every neighborhood here is residential and won't have the density or things to do as BK. You should stay in Philly for a week and see if you like it. I myself am looking to move back to Queens cause Philly can get boring if you've lived in a larger city and are young. Personally, most of the people I see moving from NYC are families or older couples looking to settle down/buy.