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We park at Darien CT and then take the metro north express train into Grand Central. Parking is $4/day @Darien


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Aldi in Hamden was $2.44 a few days ago.

Costco in Waterbury didnt have the 2 dozen eggs packs yesterday - only the expensive brown organic ones or the 7.5 dozen packs. They were cheap per egg, but I didn't need 90 eggs. ;)


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Reply to Book clubs ? by [deleted]

Most of the libraries in the area have book clubs and other activities. Have her check out what's offered. :)


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For heavy duty use, I love my Cutco shears. They're a big tool though, so not really intended for fine work like pruning. They are excellent for de-boning a chicken, cutting thick plastic bindings, packaging, etc. I have one set for the kitchen and one in my garage tool box. I've had them for years and only bought the second pair so that I didn't have to worry about contamination in the kitchen. They separate for ease of cleaning and are dish washer safe.