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Court documents showed he also took his iPhone6 with him to the Capitol. Probably has had a broken screen for the last 4 years too.

He’s a typical lazy ass meathead living on a $70k+ taxpayer-funded pension on the South Shore.

Hope he enjoys jail. I wish these pensions were subject to revocation if you - as a retired cop - commit a felony.

> Joseph R Fisher is an inactive Officer in the Boston Police Department.

> Joseph R Fisher retired on Dec 14, 2016 and receives a monthly pension of $6,230.69 from the Boston Retirement System.



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Is it safe to walk around Boston with a 3-year old at 8pm? Other than the fact that they should be in bed by that hour…sure. Go wherever you’d like.

And have you previously taken your 3-year old to loud packed venues past their bedtime to see if your kid even likes that type of stuff?

Your kid might not have the stamina and interest that you are projecting on them, especially at that hour.

I took it as a given that we’d be leaving Sox games by the 2nd or 3rd inning when I went with any of my kids who were under age 6 at the time.

Kids can get bored very quickly.

For you…this might be a once in a lifetime event, but keep in mind your child will have ZERO memory of this by the time they are 8 years old.

All that said, have fun. Raffi is great.

Boston is safe. Worst that will happen is you’ll probably walk through a few clouds of weed and cigarette smoke, see some litter, a random piss puddle near the T, and maybe some rats. You might overhear a few townies yelling “fuck, fuckin, motherfucker” every other word when they talk overly loud on their cell phones. Don’t worry. Your kid won’t remember any of that either.


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> The two officers then talk with other police personnel, joking about how easy the pursuit was. Stoll later says, "I threw the meanest f******* hook." Mundson responds, "I didn't get a single lick in."

Absolutely disgusting that this is how cops think. Time to fire them all and start over.

I’ll take my chances with random criminals if it means I don’t have to cower to power hungry cops.


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The ballot question. Yes. Sure. The 51/49 majority from the 2012 ballot question? That’s your basis for claiming you are in a majority view in 2023? Interesting.

Since this seems to be a subject you care about, I’m sure you are very familiar with the far more recent poll by Suffolk that found that 77% of Massachusetts residents believe a mentally sound adult with an incurable, terminal illness should have the legal option of asking a physician to prescribe aid-in-dying medication to end their suffering. Nearly 16% opposed and 7 percent were undecided.

Where are you getting information that a majority of Massachusetts residents oppose assisted suicide?


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Finding good tenants is the CORE of your business as a landlord.

Tenant screenings gets far less “time consuming” if you take care you your tenants, have near-zero turnover, and have a waitlist of folks who want to live in your properties.

You sound like you are 0 for 3 on those things, so yes, please keep using a realtor to help you place new tenants every year as you burn though the ones you have.


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Cool. Except my most profitable building in terms of margins is one that I bought two years ago.

It’s always a huge red flag (and a sad commentary on society) when a tenant is so desperate for housing that they are willing to pay excessive fees up-front.

So I don’t charge them. It would result in only having red flag tenants applying and scare away the best tenants.


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Regardless of how prevalent this practice is…please move on from that type of clown show.

It’s just an apartment application.

The application fees are already highway robbery and probably just a scam to get a few grand of fees from 20 different applications.

But hard pass to any broker fees being asked for prior to them being earned. You should only ask for those fees when the lease is signed. Not a day sooner.

Any landlord that has the approach you are describing (or who works with brokers who do) deserves the heartiest “getthefuckouttahere” from any sensible tenant.

Source: 25-year Boston landlord who hasn’t had a deadbeat in over a decade. I find that treating tenants with respect is a much better way of everyone being copacetic.


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This is the exact reason why most of the Diehl/MAGA morons were afraid of Healey being governor. Those folks love and want overpaid authoritarian assholes on our police forces.

No sane person would object to a change of culture and new leadership at the state police. The current state of affairs with these troopers is abysmal and embarrassing.

> It’s not just the overtime abuse scandal, or the allegations of discrimination, or even the perpetually testy State Police troopers who bark at Logan Airport passengers that cry out for a leadership change at Massachusetts’ only statewide law enforcement agency.

> No, it’s the culture that pervades the agency that has allowed all of that to fester — the corruption, the sexism and racism, the everyday rudeness. What the Massachusetts State Police need at the helm is someone who can be a change agent, someone who isn’t a creature of the system, raised in its antiquated pseudo-military model.

> And for the first time in the history of the force, this governor at this critical moment has the authority to reach beyond the ranks of current State Police officers to appoint its next superintendent. Governor Maura Healey should make use of the opportunity the state’s landmark police reform law now offers her and look for that much needed agent of change.


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I love how folks keep dropping dimes on these assholes.

> According to court documents, Mr Rumson was identified by the FBI after receiving a tip and reviewing footage that showed him putting on and taking off the panda mask while on his way to the Capitol, with his face in full view.

And he’s gonna enjoy at least 2 years in federal prison for this stunt:

> The affidavit notes that he later assaulted at least one police officer by "running through the crowd towards the officer, reaching out grabbing the officer's face shield, which forced the officer's head and neck backwards and upwards".


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How many millionaires have left Mass so far? The whole “rich people will leave if we tax them” really doesn’t carry water. It is used to scare people into voting against their interests.

Bob Kraft ain’t leaving. Nor is someone who is working downtown. Where are they gonna go? To NYC or CA (that have higher taxes?)

And I think COVID showed folks how quickly their jobs can evaporate. Having health care tied to employers is a really fucked up thing that only Americans love and adore.

If you have cancer and are relying upon employer-based health care…better hope you or your spouse never get downsized when a new round of chemo is coming up.


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> “I want to get windows darker than 35%”

I’ve lived in Mass for all of my 47 years. I only know of two groups of folks who tint their windows that dark:

  • Cops who beat their significant other; and

  • Folks who struggle financially

Why is giving off that vibe a priority of yours?


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Buy metal HVAC tape from Home Depot.

Tape a few layers over the rusty areas. If there is a huge hole, use some aluminum flashing (in the siding and gutter aisle) to cover the hole and then tape it in place. That tape sticks incredibly well to clean metal.

Spray that all with color matching spray paint from autozone.

It doesn’t look perfect, but it doesn’t look bad on the audit cameras and you’ll pass unless the garage is full of hardasses.