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It's an adaptation of trivia. Each champion has like 200-word background lore, and the show is essentially an adaption of Jinx's and Vi's lore.

The main lore of LOL revolves around two factions resettling their differences by playing a game in which they possess powerful individuals (like Jinx and Vi).

So, a proper adaptation of LoL would be Hunger Games mixed with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (in which the Rock plays the game character, Dr. Bravestone who is possessed by a nerdy high schooler).


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I thought that strange assumption as well.

I'm not sure what OP thinks the privy council was, but he should know that it was composed of "great officers of the crown", who were much more than advisors, as they were all in charge of their respective departments (e.g. the chancellor drafted laws, and had an army of judges under him that he would dispatch to solve issues), for all intends and purpose, they were ministers.


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>That’s not an indicator of quality mind you - the episode “Ember Island Players” from Avatar: The Last Airbenders is total filler

I'd argue it's not filler. The play recap is essentially a plot device to make the characters reflect on their action which builds momentum going to the finale. Like Zuko laments about how poorly he treated his uncle during season 1, which is an aspect that hadn't been brought up earlier. So, when they reunite, it all clicks. Therefore it is arguably part of his story arc.


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After reading multiple books on medieval warfare it would be overambitious to give any level of summary considering that the practice of warfare changed from century to region and from region to region, for instance, the Irish denied Anglo-Normans from pitch battles, preferring forest ambushes, making the conquest of Ireland slow and painful. In contrast to warfare in France where you would immediately meet a field army.


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>How do you have these insular communities in an ancient world where people are not homogenous?

Particularly with the Numenoreans, who are supposed to be isolationists. It is like if a third of Japan had been Indians during the Perry Expeditions, despite them having been in isolation for centuries.

Regent Miriel is black despite her father being white, and Tolkien explicitly describes her skin tone as white.