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"Honey, what happened?" My mother's face was stricken with sadness and confusion. Her voice shaking with nervousness. "Why am I hear?"

I looked at her, dead in the eyes, tears forming in mine as they seeped down the sides of my face. "They say you either die a hero... Or live long enough to become the villain..." I stood from my throne and slowly walked towards my mother. "I'm so sorry that things had to turn out like this. You weren't supposed to find out this way..."

I got down on one knee, meeting her at eye level. "Sometimes, you have to let the world burn, raze the land, for new life to form and new opportunities to be born... But, I always promised you I'd keep you safe..." I wrapped my arms around my mother and sobbed while looking at the monitor in front of me, showing that all nuclear missile silos were opening and waiting for my command.

"I'm doing this to make the earth safer... To take out the monsters. If I have to become one to do it... So be it... But, promise me... You'll still love me..." I wiped my eyes, then stared at the dead man's switch in my hand. "It's time..." I released my finger on the switch, staring at the screen in silence.

"What're you doing, Amelia?!" My mother cried and pushed me back before turning around and gasping as she stared at the screen. "... Why... WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?!" She cried out and screamed at me.

"I'm doing this to protect us!!! To start the world anew! They can't hurt us anymore if they're all dead!" I roared back. "They'll never hurt us again..."

"Nuclear missiles launching in t-minus 10 seconds..." The robotic voice said over the loudspeaker


"No! I won't be a part of this!" I watched as my mother got up and tried running to the bunker's exit. But my guards stopped her as her hand rested on the handle.

"You can't stop it, mother. It is too late... I did this... Out of my love for you..." I wiped away the last of my tears. "In a few hundred years, long after we are gone, humanity can start over..."

"4...3...2...1... Missiles are exiting their silos... Nuclear armageddon has begun..."

Everything went quiet. I looked at my mother, I could see that she was screaming and crying, but all I heard was silence...


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The Queens of Paragon stared in awe and... Utter confusion as their planet was covered in... Teddy bears, pillows, blankets, and other assorted softness. Flowers, some dead, dying, or barely alive were strewn all over their homeland. They were baffled by humanity's ammunition of choice.

"You mock us, humans?! We tell you we hate you, then you rain down... These cute little bears, these... What did you call them?" They looked at one another, then at the pillows, then the Corporal before them, as she stood, waiting.

"Pillows, maladies. We use them for a comforting sleep and to keep our heads on an even plane to level out our spinal columns. Plus, have you felt how SQUISHY they are?!" The Captian giggled as she held and squeezes her memory foam pillow.

"Yes... These... Pillows are quite... Nice." Queen Amidos and Queen Isthar looked at one another pensively.

They both sighed heavily, recalling their tendrils back into their body as they looked back at the Captain. "Fine... We will put aside our xenophobia, on the condition you CLEAN THIS MESS UP!" Queen Amidos roared, glaring at the Captain.

"You'll have to forgive my wife... She can be hostile when she doesn't get a good night's rest. What was your name again?" Queen Isthar turned back to the Captain, waiting patiently.

"Peggy Zeal. Because I'm very zealous when it comes to completing my missions and pegging them down!" She cackled at her pun.

"You humans give one another... Weird names and odd senses of humor... I'm going back to bed and I'm taking these with me!" Queen Amidos huffed again, using her tendrils to pick up a weighted blanket, a teddy bear that matched her in size, and a body pillow before storming back into the castle.

"Right... Well, hop to cleaning up, please. I'll go advise our citizens of the change of plans so they stop blowing your people out of the sky." With that, Queen Isthar also grabbed similar-sized items to her wife before storming off.

"You heard the queens! It's time to clean!" Captain Zeal spoke into her handheld radio.

"Understood, Captain Zeal." One of the subordinates said from the main ship in space.

"Booya! Mission accomplished!" Captain Zeal began to pick up what should could and formed it into a pile as her troops beamed down to the planet to help.


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Part 2 - The Visitor

I woke to the sound of Alistor's loud snoring. "Geez, boy. Why do you have to be so loud..." I blinked and rubbed my eytes, but as my vision cleared, my jaw dropped. "W-who are you and how did you get into my house?!"

Alistor woke, lifting his left ear off his left eye, he sized the man up with a long, hard stare, before covering his eye and falling back asleep.

"Some guard dog you are..." I sighed, holding my hands up. "Take whatever you want... just leave my dog and I alone..."

"Ah, darling. Is that... apathy I smell?" The man smiled a bit that motioned for the chair along the living room wall, across from the TV.

I rolled my eyes and gestured for him to sit. still holding my hands up. "Maybe... I don't know how you got in here. No signs of forced entry only... is that a burn mark on my carpet?" I looked closer, then placed my head in my hands. "And you torched my floor, somehow..."

"I'm sorry, did you not get my letter, miss Jill?" He snapped his fingers and the letter appeared in his free hand.

"Oh... you've gotta be kidding me. That wasn't a joke?" I continued to hold my head in my hands.

"No, not by a long shot I'm afraid. Trust me, myself and my colleagues wish it were the case. So, what are you feeling about the idea of moving to a new home world?" The man snapped his fingers again and a coffee mug appeared in his hand, before he took a sip of... whatever it was.

"Okay, let's say this is real and not some elaborate joke by my brother. How many other people are going to be on this planet in this other universe? How are we all getting there?" I looked up at him as he took another swig of his drink. "And who the bloody hell are you?"

The man chuckled as he placed his drink on the table. "I go by many names and pseduonames. 'The Devil,' 'Lucifer,' 'The Serpent' that 'made'," he emphasized with air quotes, "Eve take the apple, the forbidden fruit. But, you may refer to me as Luci, should you choose."

"As for how many other... humans specifically, we're undecided on that matter. How you'll get there: Portals, teleportation, etcetera. Whatever ends up being most efficient. The goal, however, is not to just save humans, but all humanoid and anthropomorphic individuals, entities, and anomolies. We, my colleagues and I, wish to build a new. Start from scratch. No hiding in the shadows or having secret lives. Everything will be in the open. No more 'monsters' being hunted by humans, though, arguably, humans are more monsterous than the things they hunt, but hey, who is counting?" He let out a hearty laugh.

"I'm sorry... you're telling me that all the creatues we read in fantasy novels, fan-fiction, and so on... are real?!" My voice hit a higher pitch as I squeked in the end.

"Exactly. Come now, you didn't really think humans were the only sentient and sapient beings, did you? The goal is to have a strong, cohesive community between humans and everyone else." Lucifer chortled as he picked his drink back up.

"O-okay... but... that begs the ques-" Lucifer held up his hand, a motion for silence. I sunk into my sofa quietly while waiting, gently petting Alistor.

"We've been watching you. You've never shown ill-intent or malice towards any animals, they love you. Sure, you've had attitude with your fellow humans, but come on, your species is full of... depraved souls. Look, this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. The offer will remain on the table, take another thirty days to think about it and we'll reconvene then." He stood, smiling at me.

I looked at the man, then my dog. "Okay, I'll see you in thirty days, big man."

With that, he was gone in a flash of fire and smoke, leaving another scorch mark on my carpet.

"God, fucking, damn it!" I went to grab the cleaning supplies.

End part 2


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Part 1 - The Letter

I stared in confusion at the letter I held in my hand. I'd read it twice already but still didn't understand. "This has to be some twisted joke that my brother Jake is pulling. M-maybe if I read it again..." Jill shuddered, goosebumps crawling up her skin, causing her purple hair to raise a little.

"Dearest Jillian Lancaster Popper," The letter began as she read it aloud this time.

"You have been chosen to be saved from this wretched planet. In one year, humanity will unleash nuclear armageddon upon the land. Obliterating everything and everyone you know and love. However, my esteemed colleagues and I have decided to give you an opportunity to continue living, on another planet, in a separate universe. I will stop by personally in thirty of your earth minutes to confirm your invitation" Jill sunk to the floor.

"This is a prank! Nuclear armageddon, the literal end of the world as we know it! For what?! This is utter bullshit..." Jill sighed, placing the letter on the coffee table before walking into the living room to sit next to her greyhound, Alister.

"What an I gonna do boy, if this isn't a prank?" Alistor curled up in my lap as I drifted off to sleep.

End part 1


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Part 3 - Fear of the Dark

I spoke to them telepathically as I had no distinguishable features aside from a humanoid appearance. "You will go to the hospital where your daughter rests, no thanks to you!" I floated towards them. "You will admit to what you have done and sign away your parental rights, so help me I'll melt the skin off your bones!"

I had hoped fear would be enough. After all, I am the primordial goddess of the stars.

"Y-you can't d-d-do that! That's illegal!" Mister McKinley was shaking where he stood. "You'd go to p-p-prison for life!"

"Foolish, selfish mortal! Your feeble laws have no hold on me! Now, go to the hospital at once..."

Missus McKinley ran inside and returned moments later with a... Fire extinguisher.

"Take this you wench!" She aimed the nozzle at me and pulled the trigger, spraying me with what I thought was a standard extinguisher. I was wrong as my body started to freeze over. "You don't scare us, fire lady!!! Now you'll freeze to death!!!"

I laughed to myself and played along with their game. "Noooooo! You've beaten me!!!!" I fell silent to them while giggling to myself. Though I must admit, this was almost as uncomfortable as Alexandria's home on the planet Void. She was born amongst the shadows of the universe, a primordial being like myself. But that's a story for another time.

Alexandria appeared in her primordial form, wrapping us all in darkness, pulling us into the vast nothingness of her homeworld. "How dare your strike down my wife! Now you'll suffer in the nothingness of my homeworld!"

"Remember, love. We still need them alive. Humans don't last long in your world." I slowly began to thaw out, bringing some light to the space around us, but not much.

"W-why are you doing this to us?! We are good people! We pay our taxes and bills!" The McKinleys shouted in unison.

"And what of your daughter? Does she deserve the near-death experience you provided her with tonight or the vile plans you have if she makes it out alive?!" You could feel the planet shake as Alexandria spoke.

"Yes! This is America! Land of the free, as in free from anyone that isn't like us!" Mister Mckinley shouted into the darkness. "It's so... Cold! I can't feel my legs!"

I had finally thawed out, and floated over to them. "You two don't deserve your daughter, let alone live..." I placed a palm on both of their faces and started to turn up the heat, slowly burning their faces, starting out like a mild sunburn as it grew worse the longer I held my hands in place.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" They both screamed, as if anyone would hear them.

Alexandria returned us to their doorstep. "You don't have long before your faces melt. What is your decision?!" I pulled my hands away, leaving first-degree burns on both of them.

"Okay! Okay!" Mister McKinley was crying, both from the pain of his burn, and his tears running down his face. "W-We will do it! Just leave us alone!!!"

They both ran inside, crying as they went to tend to their wounds.

Alexandria and I changed back to our human forms, got in the car, and made our way back to the hospital.

End of part 3


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Part 2 - Wrath of A Thousand Suns

Alexandria and I called Phoebe and informed her of what was going on while waiting for the doctors to get back to us.

"Sorry that we left on such short notice, love." I sighed heavily as the stress weighed on my shoulders.

"I forgive you, darling. Besides, it is understandable considering the circumstances." Phoebe is a very patient young woman. A wonderful, kind soul. "So, Rin, is there anything I can do? Need me to visit the parents to collect her things?"

"No, no. I'd like to handle this personally. Just hold down the fort for us. We won't be able to get much info from the doctors since we have no legal ties to Kelly." I rolled my shoulders as Alexandria massaged them. "We will see you once we are home."

"Okay. I'll make sure Jack is fed and has water. Love you, see you when you get home!" Phoebe ended the call, a smile crept on my face. I'm lucky to have the two of them.

"Doctor Melancholy..." One of the physicians walked up to me, Doctor Collins. "We've managed to stabilize her, but she's very weak. Do you have any means to get ahold of her parents?"

"Not without visiting the household. Doctor Collins... They're the ones that did this to her. It's our job as doctors to help our patients, but... Moments like these... Some people don't deserve our help... Sometimes, I wish we could just let them... Perish." I clenched my fists as I looked him in the eye.

"Trust me. I know what you mean, but we took the hippocratic oath. We have to do everything we can to save our patients, no matter whether they are 'good', or 'bad', or fall somewhere outside or inside of that spectrum. Just, if you could bring the parents here, somehow, that would be helpful. Even if they caused it." Doctor Collins turned and walked away.

"Alexandria, let's go collect them." I stood up, holding my hand out for her.

Alexandria took my hand and pulled me into a tight embrace, giving me a peck on the lips. "Yes, let's." I grinned as I saw the sinister look in her eyes.

We got into the car and plugged Kelly's address into the GPS, thanks to Kelly's driver's license.

We reached the house, but parked a few blocks away and got out of the car, and made our way to the McKinley's.

I knocked on the door three times. "Hello, Doctor Melancholy, house visit for Mister and Missus McKinley."

Alexandria put her right hand on my left shoulder before giving me a big smile and mouthed, "We got this."

The door opened and two people in their late 30s opened the door. "A house call, THIS late at night?! Who the hell do you think you are, we didn't call nobody!!!"

"You did not. Your daughter did..." I saw passed the parents and gasped at what remained of the dog. I tried to gather my composure.

Missus McKinley stepped in front of me, blocking my view of the dog. "It was a tragic accident, poor thing. Now, what was you sayin' about our trashy daughta? That sleazy... L-lesb... Ugh! It's so disgusting! Love should only be reserved for two things: Family and straight couples! The gays are constantly trying to tread on our way of life! I won't take it from anyone! Not even my daughta!"

More than just my blood was boiling at this point. "You... You two don't care for Kelly... Have you thought about signing away your rights as parents and giving her to a relative instead?"

"Ha! What relatives? None of 'em bums live in the country! Sides, we just need to send 'er off to one of those conversion camps and they will make our daughta normal again!" Mister McKinley roared with laughter.

"Sign your parental rights over to wife and I. We will take legal custody of Kelly. We can start the process first thing tomorrow." I did my damndest to not lose my cool, but I could feel myself slipping. "It is the least you can do. You don't send LGBT+ kids to conversion camps! Not being cisgender or straight isn't the problem! It's people. Like. You!"

I watched as their mouths fell open, then anger spread across their faces. "How DARE yous come over to our house and tell US how to raise OUR kid! You're justas much a part of the problem and shoulda done been converted! You make me sick! Besides, she turns 17 at midnight! When she's 18, she can do whatever the hell she wants, but until then, she is OUR child and WE control her!" Mister McKinley slammed the door in my face.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had hoped to keep Supernova under wraps, only bringing out my powers sparingly. This was an emergency.

My body began to change it's chemical composite as I slowly became a walking star. Alexandria stepped forward and knocked on the door once more before becoming one with the shadows.

The parents opened the door. "We already told yas... N-no..." Mister McKinley wet himself where he stood, only for my radiating heat to dry him. "And whose d-d-do you t-t-think you are?!"

End part 2


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Part 1 - A Cold Night

By day I'm a therapist, Dr. Melancholy. I work with powered and non-powered people to help them cope with their life struggles and have a strong focus on LGBT+ matters. I live with my wife Alexandria and our trans girlfriend Phoebe. But right now, I am on an important phone call with a young girl.

"Whoa, whoa. Slow down, Kelly. Take a few deep breaths. Draw in for four seconds, hold for six seconds, and release for four seconds. Do that a few times first so we can try to calm you down." I'd already thrown my hoodie on as the cold is blistering in the dead of night. Especially in upper Vermont.

I heard the girl do as instructed. My wife was the tech head of the family and she was following beside me as we got in the car and drove off. We were tracking Kelly's location by IP.

From what I understood, her parents killed her dog and kicked her out of the house. I don't have the why for either, but soon will.

"Kelly, how're you feeling, sweetie?" I heard her breathing start to even out. "We are on the way. Another five minutes and we will be at the bus stop. You can tell us the rest when we get there."

"Please... Stay on the phone with me..." I could hear her sniffling over the phone. "I don't want to be alone right now... I-it's s-s-s-o c-c-c-cold..." I grew concerned as I heard her teeth chattering as she spoke.

"It's alright, we're about to round the corner." While I was calm on the outside, inside me was a bubbling rage, hotter than any inferno. I may be a supervillain, a monster to some. But I'm not heartless.

My wife and I rounded the corner and both gasped in shock. Kelly was in nothing more than a tank top and shorts.

We lept out of the car and rushed over to her and tossed a couple of blankets over her. My rage was near the tipping point, but we needed to get her to a hospital first. We ushered her into the car as quickly as we could.

"Kelly..." I looked back at the girl. Her skin was changing colors as hypothermia began to set in. She didn't appear to be awake either. "Alexandria, hospital, quickly."

It only took us five minutes at the speed we went. We rushed her into the ER and filled out the basics based on her driver's license. We were told to wait in the lobby as we were not her parents, foster parents, or legal guardians.

End part 1


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TW/CW: Child homicide, murder

January 1st, 2030 The Royal Burger

"I said, make those fries faster Kevin!!!" Jayce shouted as he slammed his fist against his office door. "Lacy, where the hell are those dishes?!" He threw his clipboard on the ground in anger and stomped into his office, slamming the door.

I sighed quietly as I finished the last of the dishes, then briefly looked at his door. "Lacy... That's the human name I've given myself. Still, this is easier, managing mortals than rowdy demons, pompous angels, and various other creatures scattered throughout the multiverse.

"Oooooh Jayce! Time to come out and plaaaaaay!" The entity giggled and laughed. There was screaming in the lobby, just before the lights went out.

Jayce slammed his door open. "Hey, Zane, go fix the breaker! I need light to see the fuck I'm doing!!! Move it!!!"

"I've already tried hitting the breaker, sir!" I heard Zane flipping the switch in the distance.

"Jayce... It is time to remember your greatest sin..." I watched as the entity's hand reached out and touched him on the shoulder.

January 1st, 2000 Jayce's parent's house

"Jayce... H-how could you?! She was your sister!" Jayce's mom screamed at him, watching him pull the knife out of her chest. "You are a monster! B-but... You're my monster... Quickly, pull it out. Mummy will help clean this up..."

Jayce did as his mother said, smiling what wicked, toothy smile of his. "I'm an only child again... Exactly as it should have been..."

After a couple of hours of deep cleaning, Jayce and his mother thoroughly clean the house and hid the body for burying later that night

January 1st, 2030

"Nooooooo! That's not right! I wasn't that bad as a child! Make the memories stop!!!" Jayce was on all fours, crying on the floor. "I just wanted my mom to myself!"

"And to get that you killed your sweet sister, Sally." The entity knelt next to him. "It is time, J-" I stepped out next to the two of them.

"Bercillius... It's been a while." I snapped my fingers, causing the lights to come back on. "Zane, Kevin... It's time you went home. Your shifts were over long ago."

"But, we can't..." They began to speak in unison.

My eyes started to glow purple, my body thrumming with power. The air became heavy in the building. "I'll be sure you get paid. Get rest."

The two young men bolted out of the building without a second thought.

"I... What are you doing in this universe?! Lady Oriyana!!!"

"Well, it seems I am known here. You don't worry your pretty little head about why I'm here. Queen Mary knows why, is fine with it, and that's all that matters." I knelt, giving the entity a dark, toothy grin. Jayce was passed out on the floor.

"B... But I thought it was ONE per universe and any more than that, and they'd both collapse!" If the entity had a corporeal form, I gathered they'd be quaking in their boots.

"Normally, yes. If it was an invasion. I merely visit, playing the mortal's game of life. No harm, no ill will, or malicious intent to the Queen of this universe exists in me. Therefore, we can coexist. Now, run along. Leave this mortal to me."

"N-no! This is my soul to take, my kill! The master promised me this! He said if I failed..."

"Now... Now, calm yourself. Do you think you should fear the Demon King more than what I'll do to you? I know you've collected many superpowers over the years. I believe the mortals call you The Collector. You take from everyone. You gather their souls and permanently acquire their abilities, leaving them as soulless husks. Let this man go, or I promise what I'll do to you will be infinitely worse."

In a flash of light, The Collector was gone. Jayce still lay unconscious on the ground, the store emptier than my wallet. I tapped him on the back of his head to wake him.

"What happened, where am I?" Jayce was in panic, sweating bullets. "Where is that... That thing?!"

"Jayce..." My voice caused him to snap to his senses. "I should end your measly existence on the spot for what you and your mother did to your baby sister. So, I will, but you need to do something for me first."

Jayce turned to face me, feeling the immense pressure emanating from my body. "W-who... W-what are you? What must I do to live?"

"No. That's the easy way out. You will live and exist. You will exist in a coma, reliving that worst memory over and over until death takes you..."

"Nooooooo!" Jayce got on his knees, ready to grovel.

"No." My eldrich voice echoed throughout the building and in his mind. I tapped him on the forehead. "Write a note explaining why you're leaving the business to me. That's all you need to do."

"I don't want that! I'd rather die!" He was shaking fervently now.

"You don't have a choice in what happens to you. Only what to write in the letter, mortal." I pointed to his office. "Start. Typing."

Jayce got up without a word and quietly went into his office to type up, print, and sign the letter. I waited silently while leaning on the door frame.

"It is done... Lacy... Or whoever you really are..." He printed and signed the letter. "As you requested, my letter of resignation..."

I placed a hand on his shoulder and he went limp in my arms. I carried him to his car, using his keys to get in and drive him home before teleporting to my apartment



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So... I sincerely don't understand what happened here. The nemesis was all over the place and normally being vague with clues helps. But, not this time. All I know is Gedeon killed 37 kids


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Part 1

"Let's get ready to eat!" Mr. Hill placed a plate of veggies on the table next to the chicken, rice, and gravy, taking his seat across from us.

"Yes! Chow time!" Lizzy quickly filled my plate and hers before digging in.

"Woo! Thanks for the food, Mr. Hill." I began eating each morsel, enjoying the mix of the freshly ground spices on the chicken, covered in rice, and the warm smooth gravy. Every bite was nothing less than flavorful and the carrots and potatoes were to die for.

"So... Annabelle, what do you do for work?" Mr. Hill had already downed his first plate, preparing for seconds.

Lizzy gave me a worried look, but nodded, her dad not noticing.

"My team and I are working on a cure for Nightshade... No one should have to live in darkness... Fearing the light... It doesn't make sense."

Mr. Hill chuckled. "Ah, to be young and... Naive. Perhaps some of the best things can only be found at night, with the sun's light reflecting off the moon. It's how I met Lizzy's late stepmother... Dr. Irene Callihan. She was a wonderful woman and... I miss her dearly..."

My utensils clattered to the floor and my mouth fell agape. "H-How did you know my mom?"

Lizzy gently wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight. "I'm sorry, babe..."

Mr. Hill stood and took our empty plates to the kitchen, placing them in the sink before sitting back in his chair moments later. "I am Nightshroud." Mr. Hill snapped his fingers. His entire body exploded into pure darkness. Nothing more than pitch-black shadows and a faint red glow where his eyes were.

"W... Lizzy?! Your dad... He is who my team has been trying to fight for years... And you kept this from me the entire time we have been together?!" I stood up, fueled by pure rage, and started walking towards the door.

Lizzy wrapped her arms around me tightly, not letting go. "You don't understand, honey... My dad isn't the enemy. He is the nicest, most gentle soul you'd ever come across."

I stood still, shaking. "She never said anything about getting remarried!"

"She was afraid you would act exactly as you are now!" Nightshroud cleared his throat if he even had one. "Apologies. Please, sit... I'll explain everything if you give me the chance."

"How do I know I'm not being lied to? How do I know you won't kill me like you did my mother?!"

"Lizzy, come here, please." Nightshroud walked over and sat on the couch.

I sighed and reluctantly walked over and sat with Lizzy in the middle and her "father" on the other end. "Spill it..."

Nightshroud snapped his fingers as his ghastly form began to turn into a ball of shadows in the center of his palm. "Lizzy, it's time."

Lizzy nodded and grasped the shadow ball. It slowly started to assimilate into her body. "It's okay, babe. Dad's powerless now."


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"Next!" roared Phineus over the large crowd of healers past immigrating to the various schools of necromancy. "Name?"

"Sylvia Silverhand, at your service!" The entire crowd went silent and turned to face.

The crowd started to murmur at first, then started to step away from Sylvia.

"No way! It can't be her! I thought she died!" One crowd member looked over in awe and horror

"I heard she slaughtered everyone in her party, only to bring them back to do her mindless bidding!" Another crowd goer screamed and turned around to run away, but froze in his tracks, aging rapidly into dust before everyone's eyes.

"Enough, cowards." Sylvia snapped her fingers as the patron slowly rematerialized, alive where he stood previously. "I'm here to teach the rest of you scrubs what you can do with necromancy AND healing magic."

The crowd grew quieter as Sylvia walked through the school's main gates to the headmistress' office.