ChocolateAndEspresso t1_je5rh07 wrote

You don't know us, but we exist in your reality. You don't know us, but you see us all the time.

We're you.

At least, we're the you you see on video recordings. Not your friends' cell phone recordings, and not your lame attempts to achieve worldwide fame with a stunt you post on TikTok or YouTube. We're the you that doesn't know you're being recorded. Security footage, mostly. All those times you're just going about your business, not performing for someone, lost in your own thoughts and believing no one sees you in the middle of the crowd--the cameras pick you up and create us. And we exist in the recordings so you can go about your business.

It's not a bad life. I'm not complaining. Sure, it can get boring sometimes, but overall I enjoy going to the places you go to and seeing the things you see. Sometimes, though, I wish I could talk to you. Recommend a book I'd like you to bring on your commute (so I can read it) or warn you away from really crowded places. Because I know we both hate those.

Right now I really wish I could talk to you. Because you're in trouble. You've probably figured that out by now. You're on a train, and I'm on the train's security feed. Except we should have left this tunnel nearly thirty minutes ago, but we haven't. The lights flash by in the darkness outside the windows at regular intervals and the train car rocks back and forth hypnotically, and everyone is lulled to stillness.

That's what they wanted.

Hopefully someone in security is watching closely. Hopefully someone in security has noticed that we haven't left this tunnel yet. Hopefully someone in security has noticed the little glitch that occurs every 17 seconds that shows this feed isn't live. It's on a loop.

Someone did that so they could do something on the train without being seen.

And I'm certain they've either done it already or are doing it now. And I doubt it's good.

I hope to be created by you on another security feed, but I have a feeling this is it. I'll live on in the archives at least, but what will happen to you?