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There is non-zero cost to dealing with a renter. If a landlord is refusing to rent out a price controlled unit, it is telling about how far off from market that price is at.

Enduring price controls are simply bad policy. All for measures that give renters more price protections beyond the initial lease term, but they shouldn't be perpetual. E.g., tenant has right to three renewals beyond current term of lease with rent increase capped at X%.


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> with how little the government wants the function of the police to change

Public unions have too much power, and no worse case than the NYPD. Offended that people are fed up wtih police misconduct/unaccountability, they pullback on doing their jobs. Overall crime doesn't even increase, but with pandemic consequences get rise in violent crime and fearmongering. Public backlash gets cop-friendly 'tough on crime' turd of a mayor. Crime gets significantly worse... well done?


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Friendly reminder that the looting and associated damage was disgusting, even before considering that NYPD was opting to not deal with it, even the damage estimate is well below what the police payout every year to settle misconduct cases...

Not that I like NYPost as a source, but figured in this case no one is going to question bias given the topic.


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General answers and advice is less restrictive than what is technically possible. I'll give a personal example. I have HSV2, but orally not on my genitals. Was trying to figure out the risk of spreading it oral to oral. General advice is not unless outbreak, but technically possible since research shows can have virus present without outbreak. Notably with oral HSV2 another outbreak is almost guaranteed not to happen (and I've never had one since and it's been about 10yrs).

In any event, I wasn't satisfied with the potential discrepancy and actually emailed researchers listed on papers and was pleasantly surprised by most responding. My take away was that while none wanted to give me advice beyond referring to official sources (which for HSV2 is generally limited to genital contact), because can't rule out oral to oral happening. But they did note that if I ever thought I spread it via oral-to-oral to reach out to them because it would be a case they'd like to look into...

So outlier risk they can't rule out, but one that people shouldn't factor into their ordinary lives. So I have disclosed to all sexual partners (in certain cases preempting their status as a sexual partner, lol), but not a risk I consider otherwise with caveat of anyone I think may be immunocompromised.


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After the ridiculous white washing via grand jury of Eric Garner's killing by the NYPD, Cuomo did an executive order to have state AG (instead of local DA office) handle cases of police killings of unarmed people. But not special/independent prosecutors and obviously limited in scope.

It has led to improvements, but still lacking...


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overwhelming majority of workers aren't unionized, including presumably those that work with vehicles in an indoor setting. If it is a serious issue, likely should change workplace safety rules generally.

Yeah, zero chance on convincing of the value of police unions. Utterly corrupt against the public interest and they feel no shame in making that clear. Hell, look at how cops have corrupted prosecutorial process (look at grand jury indictment rates when a cop is the accused) as an example...


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Yes, it is a Federal Crime even if not a crime under state law. Certainly in NY, inmates cannot legally consent to sexual relations with prison guards.

Apparently this guy was investigated (as part of the investigation that led to the conviction of his buddy), but the grand jury failed to indict this PoS. Which goes to another major issue in our justice system -- grand juries being used to whitewash crimes of police officers and others. If you look at indictment rates in general, they are almost a foregone conclusion (the old ham sandwich trope). However, if it is a cop or similar accused, they are much lower... the reason is obvious, prosecutors are dependent on cooperation of police to secure convictions in cases as a general matter and they appear to not want to risk that by going after cops. The grand jury is the most opportune time for them to throw in the towel, because the hearings are in secret and they can 'blame' the grand jury for not wanting to move ahead. No better example of that than here in NYC with the killing of Eric Garner by an NYPD officer.

>Grand Juries Should Not Hear Police Misconduct Cases: Grand Juries will Indict Anything, but a Police Officer


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Meh, imho there is a very credible basis to oppose public sector unions but support private sector ones. If the public doesn't like how the govt is treating its employees, they can act directly by voting. We don't vote who is in charge of private companies. If we allow govt to set & enforce the laws, no clue why we can't allow it to set & enforce labor terms for govt employees.

Further, elected officials don't have strong accountability for long-term economic situations. In public sector, imho unions have more power because people will feel pain of labor action for public services more acutely than they will general bad budgetary decisions.

And that is before considering issues specific to police unions...