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Add this to the list of reasons I will never ever lease out my apartment. I give someone a 1 year lease because I don't need the space for a year. Now I have to make sure that if I want it back for my own personal use woops I now have a tenant for life. At the very least I have to hire a lawyer goto housing court and prove my reason is OK.

Once this law passes the next thing will of course be back door rent control. The legislature will invent some reason at some point to make a hard cap. Whether it be fairness, the market rates are unaffordable who knows but once they have a soft cap it will be a hard cap soon enough. I would bet a lot of money on that.


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If you are not going to add capacity do not spend the money just make Penn look nicer. Save the money and build a really nice homeless shelter. Move the homeless from in and around Penn there. People who use the station want to remove the homeless in the station and the herion addicts outside the station. That's what people who use the station really want. Not billions in skylights. The city might actually help people who need help in the process.

Besides the city just spent billions making it nicer already. The last thing people want is years of additional construction. Again if it was going to increase capacity especially from NJ which is needed, it is the only way its worth it to spend billions.


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The costs have gone up vs inflation because other things goods and services have experienced efficiencies and there has been very little efficiencies in the MTA even 100 years later.

The second part. Ridership has declined during covid so there are less fares but the MTA is incapable of cutting service or moving around the schedule to meet changes in demand due to the union.


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I feel like I have been reading this same article for 10 years. The double decker trains will not fit through the tunnel. The article fails to mention the reason they don't fit is because the tunnel was built in the 70s to accommodate the F subway train and the LIRR.

The only problem I have is the double decker trains are 3x as comfortable to ride in as the standard cars. No dreaded middle seat. The seats are wider so you are not always touching the person next to you. The suspension is generelly better so the ride is smoother. The seats are taller so there is more head support. Some people do not like the swaying cause the cars are tall but I never really noticed.


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Huh? There would be more money fir parks. Maybe the city would be able to pay more pay now to workers. At least the city is not deferring payment for work today to some time in the future. I would assume most people discount this benifet when applying for a job. If the job paid 10k more a year now vs cover the cost of retirees Healthcare which is already paid for by the feds NYC could attract more workers.


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I love social security and Medicare. Why would I want to stop those Benifits. I don't think NYC needs to supplement those Benifits for people who retired from working for the city long ago. I would rather NYC use that money to fix the subway system or make the parks nicer.


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Maybe they can go on Medicare when they retire which is good enough for every other American.

It's completely unaffordable for NYC to pay any money for retirees Healthcare when almost no other American gets this Benifit. Something Ike 15% of NYCs budget goes to pay for employees that no longer work for the city. When people complain there is no money for parks and a lot of other things it's going to people that don't even work for the city anymore. It's not fiscally sound over the long term.


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Well when things are so bad that the artificially controlled rents don't cover the building costs it's hardly the profit motive.

Though there are plenty of situations where buildings were basically worthless and not worth keeping up. There were many examples in American cities in the 70s and 80s. Or go on abandoned porn on reddit.


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As buildings that are majority rent stabilized all eventually become decrepit and go BK they should be sold as coops to the current owners. Then the owners can build wealth. Create there homes as they want them and be responsible for the upkeep of the buildings. Stop the cycle of rent and make people homeowners.


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To me this has little to do with bail. It has to do with how on earth can it take 4 years to procecute someone for sexual assault. Assuming the description of the crime is accurate he should have been convicted in less than 6 months then in prison for a bit and would probably be out of prison by now. If can't take 4 years to procecute someone for a case that is not that complicated. This is not a super sophisticated crime. It's seems to be as routine as an unknown sexual assault case could be. The criminal justice system is broken not the bail system.


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So procecutors don't have a system to get the defentants attorney the docs within 6 months. My industry Iwork in has an absurd amount of government regulation that keeps changing and date after date to comply with and the industry changes with the changes. Speculilized Software is used and other techniques. Why can't supper smart attorneys figure it out?


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Remote work will draw NYC salaries down and low wage places up. There will be a national salary for a lot of jobs.

I was at a seminar where companies in low wage areas where complaining they were losing their advantage of low priced workers. The low priced workers demanded higher wages they could get working remote for companies in high cost areas.