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It's extra cool because Destiny has a branch of humanity called exos, human minds in artificial robot bodies. Considered no less human than us. To be, that little detail just added an extra depth, happy accident or not.


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You're Mexican, you believe in bodily autonomy and separation of church power from politics but you vote conservative still? You're either tragically misinformed on your party's agenda or you actually hate all the things you stand for and want to see them fail because you seem to be voting for the wrong people.


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As a British person who laments the lack of a clear second-person plural pronoun in the English language, I find y'all to be the most adequate thing to use. It still feels foreign to say though. Having both singular and plural pronouns be "you" is stupid, especially when other romance languages have solved this problem millennia ago.

In an unrelated note, you come across as an unrepentantly annoying pedant just from those short sentences.